Washing instructions for wool jumpers & norwegian sweaters

Washing of wool sweaters & items.

Washing wool

Important! Wool sweaters & woolen jumpers may not be soaked. Untreated wool, angora, mohair, alpaca are qualities to be hand washed only.

  • Hand wash max 30° C (lukewarm / lukewarm) water- Use plenty of water
  • Washing powder must be completely soaked in the water.
  • We recommend washing powder with neutral pH value.
  • Stir wool sweater around in the water with gentle movements, do not rub/squeeze!!!
  • Rinse the sweater well in water of the same temperature as the washing water.
  • Many times it is enough to hang the wool sweater outside in cold/frost weather! (Cleans itself in chemical process between the lanolin/wool fat & mist in the air).

Wool Generally

  • Centrifugation of the sweater at low speed in a pillowcase, or squeeze out the moisture using towels.
  • The garment should be dried flat in real terms and it is important to avoid direct sunlight. Never hang a wet sweater to dry. Avoid surfaces that sucks and retains moisture (terry towels), as this might be color rubs off and that the garment loses its natural elasticity.
  • Do not use tumbledryer to dry wool sweaters because they will shrink then.
  • The garment's surface becomes more regular & smooth after washing and mild steaming, but you should never delete the garment, either in wet or dry conditions. Never use steam iron on a knitted sweater with structure. Silk may not be ironed or steamed as well.
  • When steaming a dry wool sweater, use a steam iron or possibly a household iron with a damp cloth between the shirt and the iron. But wool jumper must never be touched/pressed upon.
  • Keep in mind that heavy sweaters, especially in knitting techniques such as patents and garter stitch, can "sprout" something when washing and use.- You can obtain more relevant information about the wool scouring and washing instruction on:"


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